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The Daily Protect - Tinted SPF 50 sunscreen

The Daily Protect - Tinted SPF 50 sunscreen


You’re too cute to risk it! Protect yourself with The Daily Protect - Tinted SPF 50 Sunscreen.


Designed for daily use, The Daily Protect moisturizes your skin while providing the highest level of UVA/UVB protection. The potent antioxidant blend protects you from damaging free radicals while hydrating your skin. 


Wear it under your make up or wear it alone! The Daily Protect - Tinted SPF 50 sunscreen is designed to complement your skincare regimen.

Anti-Aging & Illness: Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection helps to protect your skin from sun damage! Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause DNA changes in your skin that can lead to premature aging and skin cancer.


Sun(less) Kissed Glow: Your skin will still be glowing even without the sun! We’ve added Green Tea Polyphenols to give your SPF a little tint and added pop!


Hydration: The secret to flawless make-up? A hydrated canvas! Consistently hydrated skin can helps to prevent wrinkles and prevent creasing in your make up.


No-Nonsense: You don’t have time for irritated skin! The Daily Protect offers a hypoallergenic formula free of fragrance, parabens, oils, alcohol, and gluten!

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