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The Day Bundle

The Day Bundle



The Daily Cleanse & Exfoliate - Brightening Scrub:  A mild brightening scrub designed to remove dry, dead skin cells and excess oils to leave you feeling refreshed with brighter, younger, healthier looking skin. Glycolic Acid and Salicyclic Acid USP work together to remove dull damaged sin and improve your skins radiance and minimize pores. 


The Daily Refresh - Vitamin C Serum: A triple-duty antioxidant formulated to brighten your complexion, support healthy collagen production, and protect your skin against damaging free radicals and HEV (blue light). With time-released delivery, your skin will experience maximum penetration and absorption!


The Daily Plump- Lip Gloss Plumper with SPF: Curated to give your lips all the love they need, this multi-functional lip gloss helps to restore hydration, add volume, and give your lips a little shine! A unique blend of stimulating ingredients helps to enhance the natural color of your lips giving them a plump, rosy, and refreshed appearance.


The Daily Protect - Tinted SPF 50 Sunscreen: Designed for daily use, The Daily Protect moisturizes your skin while providing the highest level of UVA/UVB protection. The potent antioxidant blend protects you from damaging free radicals while hydrating your skin.

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